Information about minijobs in English

What is a minijob, what types of minijobs are there and what do minijobbers and employers need to know? Here you find all the important information about minijobs in English.

What is a minijob?

A minijob is a marginal part-time employment. Marginal part-time means that there is a certain earnings limit or a certain time limit. A minijob employee can work both in the commercial sector and in a private household. The main differences are the deductions and the registration of the minijob employee with the Minijob-Zentrale.

There are two kinds of minijobs

Minijob with an earnings limit

A Minijob with an earnings limit is restricted to a certain earnings limit (currently 538 euros).

The minijob employee does not regularly earn more than 538 euros per month. He or she normally works regularly – the weekly hours of work and the number of monthly deployments are not relevant.

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Short term employment

Short-term employment is restricted to certain time limits from the beginning (70 workdays or three months).

The minijob employee does not work longer than three months or a total of 70 workdays during a calendar year. He or she does not work regularly, but only occasionally – the earnings are of no interest.

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Minijob-Zentrale: Who we are and what we do

The Minijob-Zentrale is the central collecting and reporting agency for all marginal part-time jobs (minijobs) in Germany. This is comfortable for both the employer and the minijob employee as they are provided with a comprehensive service from a single source.

The Minijob-Zentrale is responsible for diverse tasks. It

  • accepts social insurance registrations
  • collects the contributions for minijobs
  • is responsible for conducting the household cheque procedure for minijobs in private households
  • registers minijobs in private households for the statutory accident insurance

It also offers both employers and minijob employees a comprehensive service with clear information and personal advice on insurance, contributions, and registration legislation for all minijobs.

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